Hemp Oils / Tinctures

With Overcome's hemp oils, often referred to as hemp tinctures or CBD tinctures, you'll find that we formulate beyond just CBD. This way you are gaining the benefit of CBD, but also other important cannabinoids. 
Beyond CBD, our hemp oils are formulated with full spectrum extracts that are high in the cannabinoid, cannabigerol, or CBG. Research touts CBG for its anti-bacterial properties as well as CBG's ability to support mood.
In addition, we also formulate with full spectrum extracts high in CBDA concentrations. CBDA is the raw cannabinoid found in hemp floral material. CBDA it is a more potent form of CBD particularly as it relates to supporting relief from upset stomach or inflammation.
With those kinds of benefits, it is a must to include both high concentrated CBG and CBDA extracts in our formulations. CBDA can have an earthy taste, but we've made our hemp oils more friendly with a light touch of all natural peppermint flavoring. Combining our cannabinoid extracts with hempseed oil you can expect a light nutty flavor with a peppermint finish.
So why hempseed oil? Hempseed oil helps carry the cannabinoids through the body, improving absorption, making the products more effective! Sourcing from USDA organic Kentucky-grown hempseed oil, our oil is not only more effective than CBD carried in MCT oils, but it is also more nutritious!
Hempseed oil has a near perfectly balanced Omega 3-6 ratio that the body craves but doesn't receive in traditional American diets. In addition, our hempseed oil also contains rare Omega 9 fatty acids as well as GLA!
By combining our full spectrum cannabinoid profile with this nutrient-rich hempseed oil, we provide a powerful formulation for your every day needs.

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