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Overcome's Certificates of Analysis


You deserve to know what's in your bottle, and what's not in your bottle. That's why we provide you with our third-party laboratory tests. These Certificates of Analysis help ensure our products are made to specifications and indicate the how much cannabinoids, like CBD, are found in every bottle or capsule. Additionally, the labs provide assurance that our products are tested and are free from contaminants, like heavy metals, molds and mildews, pesticides and much more. Have questions? We'd be happy to help you understand the our results. Just ask!
Thrid Party Tested
Potency Approved
Rigorous Testing for Contaminants
Overcome's hemp products, including Nature's Hemp Oil for Pets, are sourced from legal hemp. All products contain no more than 0.3% -9-tetrahydrocannabinol (-9-THC). Our lab tests provide testing results as a concentration and not a percentage. Concentrations may be observed over 0.3mg/ml but all products are below 0.3% -9-THC by federal law. The lab results at the top of each product list are the most recent batch products.
Overcome Every Night Capsules

Overcome's Hemp Oil Tincutres

1500mg - Advanced Plus
600mg - Advanced
500mg - Advanced
250mg - Starter
Overcome CBD Topicals

200mg - Topical Roll-On
400mg - Topcical Relief Cream
600mg - Topcical Relief Balm
300mg - Topcical Relief Stick
Nature's Hemp Oil for Pets

250mg - Small / Medium
#A30119 (19009.11.08)
500mg - Large / X-Large
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