Bringing Hope and Inspiration to You - Our Founder's Story

Bringing Hope and Inspiration to You - Our Founder's Story

Posted by Annie Rouse on Oct 28th 2020

Bringing Hope and Inspiration to You

Hello Friends!
My name is Annie Rouse. I entered the hemp industry in 2009 after writing a college paper. Little did I know that college paper would change my life, for better and for worse.

The paper took me on a journey to study for a master's in international environmental policy and business administration with the end goal of changing the policy on hemp and establishing a business to better our world. 

My graduate school professors convinced me to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship in Canada, with the topic of assessing hemp's environmental impact. In 2013 I received the scholarship and moved to Calgary, Canada where my life would change forever.

It made my love for the hemp plant stronger than ever, but more so, it was one fateful hike in Banff National Park that altered my life's course. I don't remember the tick but I remember the rash.

Two years later I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, an incurable disease that would hinder my well-being to massive degrees. I'm not one for being defeated, so I began to research everything I could to overcome the challenges that laid ahead of me. The more researchers, medical professionals, and pharmacists that I conversed with, the more treatments I uncovered. 

But at the end of the day, the one thing that has helped me maintain my active lifestyle is what drew me into Canada and Banff National Park to start -- hemp. 

Am I cured? No. These products will not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. But they have brought balance back to my life when I felt nothing but imbalance. 

What we provide to you is hope, direction and inspiration, alongside guaranteed quality, manufactured and tested for myself and you. We encourage you to give them a try. We let your experience with our products speak for themselves.

About Overcome

Want to know a little more about me? Below is a little timeline discussing my work within the hemp industry. In short, since 2009, my world has revolved around hemp. Studying hemp, traveling for hemp, working for hemp, talking incessantly about hemp to all my family and friends until I drill the benefits into their heads - all to push my passion forward and bring the plant to the people who need it - the people who deserve to know the truth - basically everyone in this world. 

My journey began in 2009, but December 20th, 2018 was really just the beginning - the day the Farm Bill passed officially removing hemp from the Controlled Substance Act. The crop could now be seen as a legitimate agricultural commodity like it was before prohibition began in 1937. 

Despite battling Lyme Disease since 2013, I’ve been busy trying to harness my energy into my passion and turning it into a reality.

Wrote a paper on hemp that changed the course of my life

Co-lead a group called the Kentucky Hemp Initiative – a small group of Kentuckians working to try to change the policy on hemp in Kentucky 

Moved to California to study for a Master's Degree in International Environmental Policy and an MBA with a thesis of changing the policy on hemp in the US. My professors and peers all thought I was a hippie chick that just wanted to legalize cannabis, but I proved them wrong and got them all on board by graduation. 

Visited Maleny, Australia to take a hemp building course with hempcrete master, Steve Allin

Moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada under a US Fulbright Scholarship to analyze the environmental impact of using hemp as a building material. 

Moved back to Kentucky and joined the Kentucky Hemp Industries Board of Directors

Started the non-profit Friends of Hemp to improve growth and opportunity within the industry while consulting on the grain and fiber industries. 

Spent a lot of my time trying to heal my body from Lyme using various therapies, including cannabis, while simultaneously turning four years of archival research in government libraries across the US on the topic of cannabis prohibition into a screenplay, then a podcast, called Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy.

Understanding the quality control problems in the CBD market, started a verification entity to certify the legitimacy of CBD products, allowing me to understand the supply chain more thoroughly, starting my own R&D brand (Nature's Hemp Oil) in the process. 

Took the insight from the verification entity and launched Anavii Market, an online retailer for vetted and verified CBD products. Published my Anslinger podcast. Started working with the newly formed US Hemp Authority to develop industry standards for hemp-derived CBD products. 

Started collaborating more with a Lyme Disease pharmacist to customize hemp formulations based on my needs. Formalized a partnership between Friends of Hemp and the Hemp Feed Coalition to bring hemp feeds for animals to market. 

In partnership with Space Tango, launched the first hemp seeds into space to reside on the International Space Station to determine the impacts of microgravity environments on hemp. 

Became one of the first thirteen brands to become certified by the US Hemp Authority. Became a Board Member of the National Hemp Industries Association. 

Partnered with a fellow hemp colleague to form a manufacturing entity using my supply chain knowledge and his patent-pending delivery method and unique formulations. Honed in more on product development.

Rebranded Nature's Hemp Oil to Overcome, a brand developed by industry professionals for myself and people like me who want or need the will and drive to Overcome Every Day.

Also launched OP Innovates, our manufacturing entity. 

The best has yet to come... helping people like you :)