Hemp capsules, normally referred to as CBD capsules, are an excellent way to ingest CBD or cannabinoids because of their ease in use and ease in transportation. Simply start with one capsule and swallow with water then wait to feel the effects, which can take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour.

Because the effects of CBD are subtle, you may not notice the effects until you stop use. If you feel the product is helping but not quite enough, increase your serving size then wait and see the effects. Continue to slowly increase until you find your desired effects. This is called titration. 

For best results, please take our Overcome full spectrum hemp CBD capsules after a meal or a high fat snack. This improves absorption in the body giving you a more positive experience. However, we have taken absorption into consideration when formulating our capsules.

All our capsules include our patent-pending delivery method, called Naturia Plus™, so our CBD and cannabinoids absorb more readily than traditional CBD capsules. By bio-mimicking Mother Nature, our 100% all natural and organic process allows for you to absorb more using less. This means you will have a more effective experience! You can start with a sample pack or go straight for the whole bottle. Either way, we recommend trying some today! hey, that rhymes :)

By the way, our capsules are full spectrum hemp which means our products not only contain CBD but also other important cannabinoids that support sleep, stress and recovery from inflammation. In addition, our full spectrum hemp extract used in our capsules includes Vitamin E, important terpenes and flavonoids and other plant nutrients that aid in the entourage effect.